Month: June 2014

“Unconditional Reprobation”

Calvinism is a succession of contradictions!

Reformed confessions on decrees hold that God causes all that comes to pass.  In Calvinist foreknowledge, God does not merely permit man to do what happens, but causes by decree, what happens; because, nothing exists outside of God causing it. Calvinist foreknowledge does not hold to God knowing what man would do, but it holds that whatever comes to pass, God decreed causally.

Double predestination/unconditional reprobation
In Calvinism, God predestines people to Heaven.  By the same token, God predestines people to Hell in what is called “double predestination”.  The Calvinist that does not hold to double predestination is in contradiction because you cannot have one without the other.  The only truth of Calvinism is that God predestined “unconditional reprobation” and man has received irresistible evil because man could not have done otherwise in Calvinistic decrees. 

Is sin mine or is it really God’s sin?
I am surprised that so many people are actually buying into the logical contradictions that are consistent in Calvinism.  Calvinism does not hold to free will; therefore, man is truly reprobate unconditionally. Since you do not have free will in Calvinism, it logically follows that God must have decreed sin for you.  As a result, your “sin” is not caused by your free will but by God; therefore, you sin irresistibly.  Sin is all of God and not of man.  Unmerited and irresistible evil belong to man as Adam could not have done otherwise. In Calvinism, individuals shift the blame for sin unto God in an attempt to free themselves from guilt and accountability.

Calvinists are not compatibilist despite their insistence.  Calvinist use Thomas Hobbs’ definition of compatibilism that is categorically philosophical anthropology and not at all theological sovereignty. Hobbs was a materialist and along with Calvinist, defines the human being not so much as a “rational animal” (as has traditionally been the case since Aristotle). This view of compatibilism is termed “rational spontaneity”.

Hobbs’ thesis of compatibilism seeks to reconcile human freedom with the mechanist belief that human beings are part of a deterministic universe, whose happenings are governed by the laws of physics instead of the laws of the Bible or theological compatibilism which hold that free will and determinism are found logical together.  Calvinistic rational spontaneity, which makes the human will not free at all, does not reconcile their attempt at considering themselves compatibilists.

There is no free will in Calvinism; therefore, it logically follows your sin and evil are God’s will.  All glory to the Calvinist god!  Calvinism is fatalism!

In Calvinist sovereignty, God gives man unconditional reprobation; as He is totally sovereign over the affairs of man.  God did not merely permit sin in Calvinism but it is God’s will and He is the cause of your sin as He could not merely foresee it.  Therefore man in Calvinism, disguised in false humility, is merely an attempt to make themselves innocent and blame God for their sin and all of the atrocities of the world.

Calvinism is the deification of man as man in Calvinism is transformed into righteousness; as he has done no evil of his own free will or what you could call unmerited evil. As man could not receive evil by faith as man is only a free agent without free will.

I am not appealing to your emotions I am appealing to your conscience.  Calvinism is truly fatalism and all Calvinists must hold to double predestination.

Note: Since the Calvinist and I interpret the same scriptures, this is not a purely exegetical response to Calvinism, but a philosophical one.

Watch for:  “The etymology of fatalism“, in which, I will further explain why Calvinism is fatalism in spite of Calvinists’ erroneous conclusions about how they try to define fatalism.  Be sure to subscribe to “Reasons to Defend”, an attention to doctrine apologetics ministry of Grace Bible Fellowship Norwalk Church in California.

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Steve Tassi

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